Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. -Chinese Proverb

Blissful Spa Package

This 1.5 hour package includes an Aromatherapy Massage & your choice of either the Unwinding Pedissage or the Awakening Manissage. $80

Tranquility Spa Package

A 2 hour package including the Aromotherapy Massage, the Awakening Manissage & the Unwinding Pedissage, followed by the Relaxation Treatment. $115

Sanctuary Spa Package

A 2.5 hour package includes the Relaxation Treatment, Aromatherapy Massage, the Awakening Manissage, the Unwinding Pedissage, and the mini Sea Salt Glow Scrub. $145

Ultimate Luxury Spa Package

A 3 hour package including the Relaxtion Treatment, Aromatherapy Massage, a Refreshing Facial Massage, the mini Sea Salt Glow Scrub, Awakening Manissage and the Unwinding Pedissage. $180